Our Mission

dessert_bar_BBGOur goal is to build a strong local food network through direct involvement both as producers and consumers while providing some of this region’s best produce and catering services.

Blackbird Gardens is an integrated culinary garden and fine catering company. For over 25 years, we have been committed to providing the local community with clean-grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. Foods produced are used for catering events, sold at local farmers markets and restaurants, and made into value-added products such as pesto and roasted tomatoes.

The infrastructure of our farm includes many salvaged building materials, including two structures that were moved to the property and renovated. Another building features passive solar design and cordwood masonry construction, and the kitchen combines beautiful plastered straw bale construction with open spaces for crop harvesting.

Our soil is fertilized with local leaf and animal compost, and because of the health of our soils we are able to plant rotated crops for extended harvesting seasons. We offer cold weather crops well into the late fall- just look for us at the farmer’s markets.